Tuesday, November 13, 2012

World Vision Blew Uy My Mailbox Today!

I opened my mailbox today and saw three things from World Vision! One envelope was full of 2013 calendars to send to each of my boys. I love that World Vision sends special greetings throughout the year to send to our kids.

Then, I had two letters from my dear Florenc. One was a regular letter and the other was a letter telling me what he was able to buy with the money that I sent to his family. When you send a financial gift to a child through World Vision, you have to send $100 or more. They don't accept anything less. While this does seem like a lot of money, the child can get much more AND you ALWAYS receive a picture of your child with what they bought. Just wait until you see this handsome boy!

But, you will have to wait, haha. I will share his regular letter first, then his gift notification letter.


My Dear Sponsor Kayla,

I was very happy to get your letter and to know that you still show interest towards me and my family. (This breaks my heart. The word still, I will always show interest in him and his family).

I am in the eighth grade and I am doing very well at school. My biggest problem is my mother who is still having some health problems even though she had some operations.

My family and I live a very simple life. We have a very simple house because we do not have money to have a good one. The only wish that I have is to see my mother getting better.

I like playing football. I am very grateful to you for your interest towards us.

I got the bible and the photos that you sent. (I sent photos of two of the other children I sponsor) I was very happy to know that I have some new friends. I consider them as my sister and brother. We are a very big family together.

Thank you very much for your respect.

I am looking forward to your next letter.

With much respect from Florenc and family.


My Dear Friend Kayla,

Thank you very much for the respect and interest that you show towards me and my family.

I am feeling very bad with the odd meat (Hahahaha, what an awful translation. He has nodes in his nose that make it very hard for him to breathe). The doctors said that I should make an operation and take it away. My brother Esati is doing well. He is doing well at school too. I am in the eigth grade and my brother is in sixth grade. My father is well. My mother is still having problems with her kidneys. Her problems are making us all feel very bad about her.

My dear friend Kayla, I got the present that you sent me and I am very thankful to you. With the money that you sent, I could buy clothes for my brother and for myself. I could buy a blouse for my mother too. We are all very happy.

How are you, my dear friend? How are you doing? How is your mother, your stepfather, your grandmother, and your sister? How are you doing at school? I got the photos that you sent and I liked them very much. You looked very beautiful. I put them in my bedroom and I see them everyday.

I am closing this letter now hoping it will find you doing very well and happy.

We are very thankful to you for everything you do.

With much respect from Florenc and family.

Here's the picture of what him with his bags of clothes:



  1. Ooo, I'm excited about the calendars! I'll have to look out for those.

    Love the new pic of Florenc! He looks older than in his progress report pic. So sweet that his biggest wish is for his Mom to get better. That would be mine too.

    1. I agree with you. He's certainly maturing quickly!

      I am praying for divine healing for his mother.

  2. Oh I love the calender idea, but I don't know if I'll get them or not since I'm with World Vision Canada... I hope so :)
    Love that he used the money for his brother and mother too. Hope his mum gets better soon.

    1. Do you get the other greetings that WV sends? They send them for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, New Years, and Back to School.

  3. Hey. I love this - great post. I love getting letters back from my WV sponsor kids too! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Good luck with the fundraising for the Honduras trip!

    (Nice job on having both WV and Compassion sponsor kids - both such amazing organisations!)