Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Letter and Picture from Xhuliano!

I love each of the children I sponsor and write to with my whole heart. (Yes, it's like I have 12 hearts). I love each child in their own special way. Xhuliano is so special to me! His letters are fabulous! If you've spent any time on my blog, you already know that, though.

In this post, like with Florenc's on Tuesday, I will be sharing two letters from Xhuliano. One is a letter, in general, talking about him and responding to letters that I've written. I just love this boy. Check out these letters:


Dear my amazing friend,

My family, I, my 2 sisters Stelina and the little Marsela were very happy to receive your present (the football players pictures), because I like sports, especially football and basketball. Even in school I like to run. When wer are off, we go in Vlora and play in teams and I always win. (He always wins! Maybe I have a future professional soccer player on my hands). Even the teacher is happy when his team wins. Even I love you very much my friend. the words that you say to me are so beautiful and sweet. As you would keep my flowers in your desk, even I keep everything you send to me. I take the notebooks to school. Yes, I do like the stickers and Stelina put them in her books and mine too. My dad's birthday is coming. It is on September 23rd. I will collect the money that my uncle, mother, and friends will give to me and I will buy a bunch of flowers. Even here the stars shine. The city is around 20 minutes by car. Even my dad shares the same opinion about drugs and bad friends. He wants us to be away from smoking, to be nice with family and friends, not to stop in the street, not to take things from unknown persons. (He's responding to a letter I wrote to him about shining like stars. To make good choices in his life, like obeying his parents and stay away from bad influences. I'm happy to hear that his dad agrees with me.) I listen to his advice and I love him very much. I love you too, my friend, for sharing the same opinon. My sisters and I alwasy listen to our parents because they want the best for us. Yes, I live in the city. We have the same colors in Albania: green, yellow, and white. (I shared about a baseball team in my town with these colors. Funny.) I like to run on Saturday and Sunday, because school is off. Yes, I did like the pictures. I like all kinds of sports. In sports you have to have faith and courage. I'm closing this letter now. A big hug from me with lots of love.



My dear friend,

This is Xhuliano writing you this letter.

My friend Kayla, I was very happy to receive the surprise from you. My parents and my two sisters, were very happy. Everytime that you send me presents, Marcela gets excited and in the evening she sits and plays with the doll dresses that you sent her. She puts them on the dolls and then she puts on her head the hairpins and starts dancing with Stelina, as she loves music. (I sent both of his sisters a doll and doll clothes. I'm so happy that they love them! I also sent hairclips.) Stelina dances very well and she is the pupil with best results in her classroom, my wonderful friend.

School here starts on September 10th, my friend and I am in 6th grade now. School seems very difficult this year. The teachers are not the same and I need to brace myself and study harder, my friend Kayla.

What about you my friend, how are you doing? Do your pupils get bored during the day? I hope they will better this year, as they are happy to have got a loving teacher just as I am happy to have got a loving friend in you, Kayla. My friend, I hope that your family and friends are all well.

My wonderful friend, I loved all the presents that I took from you and I am very thankful that you continually send me presents and I am happy to have got the possibility to have such a wonderful friend that expresses such good words about me and my family and will always be a friend to our family. I am ending this letter with a few words and with much love. My friend Kayla, I send you a hug from far away.


- With the money you sent, I got a pair of trainers and some groceries. Thank you very much from the heart!

Without further ado, the picture of Xhuliano with his shoes and groceries! Two whole boxes of groceries!


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