Friday, November 9, 2012

It's Sign-Up November!

Hi everyone!

You may have noticed a new little blue box on the right of my blog.

Well, that is my new chip-in box for my trip to Honduras next summer. I had one up there before and generous donors helped me raise $55 towards that trip. I still have that money set aside, do not worry! However, I wanted to make a new box, this time I didn't put how much I am trying to raise, because I don't expect all of my lovely blog readers to donate the full amount, obviously.

But, if you feel so lead that would like to help make my heart very happy, to help me visit my dear child Celeste, in Honduras, then feel free to donate.

If you would like to help, but are not able to donate, can you please pray for me? I can't stress enough how much difference prayer makes in this kinds of trips and decisions. Prayer can move mountains!

And since I like to keep it real on my blog (I'm making peace signs and crossing my arms, you know, like a really cool 90's rapper), I want to tell you about what happened to me on Wednesday.

I had a meeting on Wednesday with one of the pastors at my church, who is also the head of the mission committee, about possibly having the church fund part of my trip to Honduras. I was pretty much expecting to go in there, talk about Compassion a little bit, talk about Celeste, and share my heart for children living in poverty.

Well, I did that, but it was far from expected. In fact, it was downright unexpected.

I spent literally 30 minutes crying hysterically while I shared how much children in poverty break my heart. I cried because I hate knowing that children are living in other countries without daily food, clean water, shoes on their little feets, basic health care, and quality education. I cried because I hate that I whine about so many pointless things like how much my student loan payments are, about how I have "nothing" to eat and "nothing" to wear. I cried because I feel guilty that God chose me to live this way and so many precious children don't even live close to how I live. I cried because I love Celeste so much and even the smallest thought of actually getting to see her, hug her, hear her voice, and talk with her is too much for my heart to even handle. It's going to be outrageous! A true miracle!

There are a few steps for me to take before the committee will vote on anything or make any decisions, but I feel like I'm heading in the right direction for support and love and tons of prayer (which remember, I love a lot).

Step 1: Sign-Up for the trip on November 28th!


  1. Kayla, a lot of times when I talk about things I am passionate about I can't stop the tears either. It is good that your pastor had the chance to see your heart for the poor. I will pray for you, as well as the church committee as they make a decision about supporting you. I am so excited for you! I know God will provide :)

    1. After thinking about it, I realize that you are right. Me breaking down into front of my pastor truly did show him how much my heart is broken about poverty in this world. It just isn't fair that so many people have to live like that.

      Thank you so much for your donation!