Monday, November 12, 2012

Compassion Bloggers: Peru

The Compassion Bloggers are traveling to Peru this week!

Starting tomorrow, November 13th, the Compassion Bloggers will be in Peru serving the children and families involved in the Compassion Projects.

Along the way, they will be writing blog entries telling about their experiences.

Let me tell you, I LOVE the Compassion Blogger trips. I love being able to read about the good that Compassion is doing, I both love and hate hearing about the conditions that these children and families live in and overcome on a daily basis. I love seeing the bloggers pour out their hearts and souls in the form of writing.

I, not so secretly, long to travel on a Compassion Blogger trip someday. Being able to travel with Compassion and blog about it along the way would be a dream come true.

But, until that day, I will follow the bloggers wherever they go. You can follow them too! If you click on the banner on the right of my blog, you will be taken to the blogger page, where you can read the blog entries that these people post during their trip.

Also, if you could keep these bloggers in your prayers, that would be wonderful. Let's raise up Angela Smith, Jennifer Schimdt, Kevin & Layla Palmer, and Shaun Groves as they spend a week in poverty and show God to these families.

And, because I like pictures, here are some beautiful children who are being served through Compassion Peru:

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