Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blogger Trip to Peru: Memorable Moments

I've been thinking about this post since Compassion emailed all of us on the blogger team and asked us to blog about the trip, to spread the word, to show the way that Compassion is changing the lives of children and families, one child at a time.

How was I going to share?

Well, I decided that I'm going to share about this trip in way that I know best how to do. Quotes and pictures. For me, the best way to share about something is to show a picture. Pictures truly speak a thousand words. To me, that's not just a cliche. You can look at a picture and see the true story of what is happening. So, I'm going to be sharing pictures and quotes from my favorite blog entries, which I, of course, will link you to, so you are able to enjoy them too.

Without futher ado, Compassion Peru 2012:

"Thanks to God, we now have a better life. We live. We breathe. We eat."
"I wish I could really, really describe to you how it felt inside that place. I’m trying so hard to string the right words together, but every time I line them up, they don’t seem to explain it quite right. All I know how to tell you for sure is that that place was overflowing with Love."
"It moves us, this kind of love"
"Giving is Living Life to its Fullest, and in my brief hour visit I received so much more than I could ever give"
"And these letters, pen on paper, every curve and dot…they tell a story of hope that Anibal needs to hear."
"Children once grounded by poverty, once unable to think beyond the next meal, now dream of their future. They see it. They chase."
"Long and bumpy bus rides lead to the loveliest of things around here, and we feel so lucky to have captured so many of them for keeps."
"Or, we can jump in an empty room, knot our lives with the lives of others, and finally understand the power of being woven by the hand of the Lord."

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  1. I love this Kayla - great way to share and sum it all up.