Friday, November 2, 2012

One More Week With Kaushal

I have one more week to find the super handsome Kaushal a sponsor. Next Friday, November 9th, his packet will expire. Don't worry, he'll still be up for sponsorship, I will just no longer have his packet. It will be sent to another advocate or sent to an event.

I urge you to prayerfully consider sponsoring Kaushal:

Kaushal lives in India, in the Ganpat Patil Nagar slum. This large slum has over 200,000 people living in it! Typical homes are put together with scrap materials that can be found lying around, materials like plastic, tin sheets, plastic, and scarp wood. This slum is full of drug lords and gangs trying to lure people into the world of drugs. Many people in this slum have substance abuse problems.
Kaushal's birthday is April 25th and he's 7 years old. He makes his home with his father, mother, and two siblings. His father is sometimes employed as a day laborer and his mother maintains the home. Buying/selling in the market is Kaushal's household duty. Playing group games is his favorite thing to do. He is getting average grades in school.
If you would like to sponsor Kaushal, please email me at and let me know. I will fill you on what you need to do next to start supporting him!

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