Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kalpesh Love Animals!

I received a letter from Kalpesh today! I know, you must be sick of hearing that, haha. This whole blog is turning into letters from Kalpesh. You know what? I'm okay with that! He writes wonderful letters so often!

I just wish I could hear more often from the other 11 children I sponsor/correspond with.

Anyway, here's Kalpesh's letter:

Hello Kayla!
How are you doing? Once again I am very glad to write to you and happy to see the pictures of various animals and here about them. (I wrote a letter about and sent some pictures of animals I see around my home) I know and see some of animals but some of them I never seen neither in pictures nor in real. I know and see squirrel, deer, and rabbit. But I don't know or seen raccoon and possum. I am seeing all pet animals like cow, buffalo, goats, sheeps, monkeys where I live. Last year, when our project field trip at Aurangabad that time I saw lot of wild animals at zoo like tiger, lion, elephant, leopard, fox, wolf, and various kinds of birds and snakes. (I love that his project went on a field trip to a zoo! How fun!) It was really great for me to see them. My favorite animal is dog. Here I am trying to draw picture of squirrel for you.
With Much Love,


  1. Oh I love his drawing and I love how often he writes :) How many letters do you have total now?

    1. I love this letter too! I now have 26 letters from him since last December.

  2. I love the squirrel drawing!

  3. Such a sweet letter!!! It's so fun when letter-writing becomes like a conversation...and it sounds to me that you are conversing with each other!!

    1. Oh, we defiintely are. It's really a blessing.