Saturday, April 21, 2012

Six Word Saturday

My Saturday is happening phases today. I thought I would share each phase in six words, you know, to keep things exciting.

Phase I: Bank, Post Office, Grocery Store, Lunch

Phase II: Doing Laundry, Cleaning Everything, Resting Up

Phase III: Party People, Pizza Eating, Going Out


  1. Kayla, I was thinking about you today! I was wondering how the plans for the Philippines are going for ya? Also, my sister and her friends were trying to get me to hang out and stuff tonight with a bunch of people, and being an introvert, I feel the need to plan these kinds of things at least a week in advance, and when I said no they were like do you not like hanging out with us, and I just need my time alone. And so it made me think of that post you wrote about being an introvert and I thought, well at least Kayla understands me :D. Hope you are having a great day!

    1. I guess you did not see the blog entry where I talked about the Phillipines.

      I won't be going to the Philippines. God basically told me it wasn't the right time and then he gave me another child to sponsor.

      I'm having a pretty big get together at my apartment tonight, but I've been preparing for it for awhile. I do understand!