Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday Boy!

Happy 10th Birthday Kalpesh!

I hope your day was absolutely wonderful. I hope you were happy and that you got the gift I sent you, along with the extra money I sent. I can't wait to get the picture in the mail and find out how you spent your money.

Also, I know your info/picture don't have to be updated until August, but I would love to have it sooner than that. Can you tell Compassion to work on that? Thanks!


  1. Happy Birthday to him!
    PS: I find that Compassion seems to update pictures pretty regularly after 18 months for my kids. When I signed up for them, some said they'd update after 18 months, but some said between 18 months and 2 years... odd haha. But so far they've been at the 18 month mark.

    1. Well, it's already been 21 months, so I'm well over the 18 month mark. I guess I just have to keep waiting.

    2. Ah you should get an update pretty soon then I would think :)

    3. I'm hoping so! I've been checking my account twice a day since the 18 month mark. I will continue to do so until his info and picture are updated.

  2. PS: I say that, having only received two updates myself, but I have also received all the old photos of my kids and they are dated, and it's always been at the 18 month mark for all of them over the many years they've been in the program