Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The 10/40 Window

You'd think in all of the time that I spend online, especially doing research about geography and human needs, you'd think I would have heard about this.

The 10/40 Window.

"The original 10/40 Window included only countries with at least 50% of their land mass within 10 and 40 degrees north latitude."

While it's been updated a little bit since then, with a few countries above and below this original window, but the concept is the same.

The countries included here are the most unreached countries in the world. By unreached, they mean that most of the people in this window have literally never heard of Jesus Christ. There hasn't been somebody there to tell them that Jesus even existed. They have no idea whatsoever that Jesus came to earth as an infant, performed miracles, trained his disciples to spread the good news, and then died on the cross for THEIR SINS, so they can have eternal life in heaven.

Sure, there are many, many, many people in the United States who choose not to believe and consider themselves athiests (and a slew of other labels), but most of them have heard the good news, and choose not to believe it.

The people in the 10/40 window have NO CHOICE. Nobody has bothered to tell them about this Jesus guy. It's not their fault that nobody has shared this amazing news with them.

I sure hope that when these people die and go to heaven, God takes into account that they have never heard of Jesus. They don't deserve to be denied heaven. I don't think that will happen though, I believe that we have a very tolerant and open God.

I feel absolutely blessed that I have two sponsored children (Albania) and two correspondence kids (India) who are from the 10/40 window. I feel like I am really doing what God is calling me to do in the lives of these children.

Anyway, you can do your part to change this problem, one child at a time. Both World Vision and Compassion International work in some of the countries in this 10/40 Window. If you would like to sponsor a child from one of these countries, here is a wonderful list of the countries each organization serves, as well as links to both websites. Sponsor a child today!

World Vision

- Albania
- Bangladesh
- China
- Chad
- Ethiopia
- India
- Indonesia
- North Korea
- Mongolia
- Myanmar
- Senegal
- Sudan
- Sri Lanka
- Thailand
- Vietnam
- West Bank Gaza

(Keep in mind. Most of these countries, due to high populations of Islamics and Hindus, they can not show these children on the website. If you want to sponsor from one of these countries, you should call World Vision and have them send you some pictures in an email and you can choose from there).

Compassion International

- Bangladesh
- Burkina Faso
- Ethiopia
- India
- Indonesia
- Sri Lanka

Get out there and sponsor a child!


  1. This is a great post- I definitely hope to get my hands messy in the 10/40 window one day. I applied for Elijah's Hope! I also passed the word on to a family from my old church that has 8 kids- I think it would be something they'd love to pray for as a family!

    1. Get your hands messy. I like how you worded that. I'm loving sponsoring my Albanian kids. I'm feeling like my next sponsored child (whenever that will be is supposed to be from Ethiopia or Vietnam). God put it on my heart to sponsor from Ethiopia a while ago. I thought my 3rd sponsored child would be from there, but God had other plans with my Florenc.

  2. I've never heard of this before either. Thank you for sharing it with us!