Thursday, April 5, 2012

God Bless Meena

My dear young woman, Meena, wrote me another beautiful letter. She sure does write me a lot! I love it! I got this letter today and I decided (as if I can decide something like this) that if her financial sponsor ever drops her, I will be taking on the responsibility. I hope that if that day ever comes, God will be on the same page.

Dear Aunty,

Loving greetings from Meena I feel very happy to receive your loving letter. I am really blessed to be your sponsored child. I hope you had a good winter season followed by a grand Christmas celebration. I feel that God's protection will always be with you in all types of climate conditions. Here, winter season is passing on, though moderately chilly nights seem to be foggy. Very soon summer season is about to begin. I am very happy to know about your Thanksgiving celebration in your country. I am thankful to God for having you, dear aunty, a good education I receive, and all the benefits I enjoy in Compassion. (I asked her my Thanksgiving letter what she is thankful for in her life). I am happy to know about the bible verse you wrote. My favorite verse is Psalm 23rd chapter. I love it very much. Thank you very much for the beautiful sticker God Bless Meena. (Using alphabet stickers, I spelled out God Bless Meena.) In my Compassion medical check-up that was conducted I was found normal. I get all that i need for my education, for my parents, brother and myself. We convey our best thanks, love, and regard with lots of love.

Yours Lovingly,

Seriously, I have so much love in my heart for Meena. I just can't describe it.

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