Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meena Mail Call!

Oh my goodness, I got mail today! It's only been three weeks since I last heard from my beautiful Meena, but I have another letter from her.

I opened my mailbox and I saw one of those big Compassion envelopes. I wasn't sure what to think because I wasn't expecting any pictures and any money gifts I have sent have probably just now been received in the childrens' countries. So, of course, I ripped into the envelope really quickly. It was a THREE PAGE LETTER from Meena. Three pages! Also, the paper is decorated with some flowers stickers that I sent her. She's a sweetheart. Here's the letter,

Dear Aunty,

Loving greetings from your beloved Meena. I hope that you are all fine by His Grace. Like wise, we are also fine and doing well by God's grace and your prayers and support. I was very happy to receive six letters, photos, beautiful stickers, and coloring sheet from you. The umbrella stickers and the flower stickers are very cute. I am glad to know that you are getting ready for and will enjoy the Christmas season. God has blessed me a lot to say a few things. I am blessed to be in Compassion and greatly blessed with all the benefits. Further, my father didn't have a proper job. Now he earns enough to meet our household needs. Thank you very much for the verse John 16:33. I will surely try my best to follow. I also know that it's very true. I feel much grateful that you have known about our family. My favorite subject is history. I would like to say together with my friend, she is about to become a nurse. Yes, I love to play with my brother in free time, after studies. All the photos you sent are beautiful. Dudley is cute with funny costume. (I sent a picture of my dog in his Halloween costume). Your sister and yourself are very beautiful. My belated wishes to your sister Jordan (her birthday was in February). I also convery my wish to your friend Sarah (I told Meena that Sarah had recently sponsored a child). Your classroom looks very colorful and beautiful. I was really surprised to see my photo (I sent her photo to her). Thank you very much for sending these photos and stickers.

I am doing well in school and my brother is also studying well. I am very happy to know about the play you acted in (I told her that I was in the group of musicians for a musical). The picture in the letter was very cute. I think you are in the center and it's very interesting to see the other actors as well. I am very excited to hear about Santa Claus who is said to live in the North Pole. It's a thrill to know that children get their gift on Christmas morning from Santa Claus. I am very thankful to you for telling me the meaning of Christmas and the purpose of the Lord Jesus' birth on this earth. Yes, I have a close relationship with Jesus. I love to pray with my friends. Since we are from Hindu religion, I can't pray at home. But, I pray with my friends in Compassion. Further, in Compassion they conducted medical checkups and the doctor advised me to continue with the same tablet given for stomachache. I am also preparing well for the common exam that is about to take place on March 10th. I hope to score good marks in all subjects. It's my aim to become an Archeologist. Pray for God's guidance to reach my goal. I am about to go for a typing exam and hope to do well and score best marks. My parents and brother asked to convery their regards to you. You're always in my prayers. Closing with much love, hugs, and kisses.

Yours Lovingly,

Oh my goodness, this letter is wonderful. I learned so much about her!


  1. What a great letter :) What project is she in?
    I love how she calls you Aunty, my Kajal does that with me too now (I haven't posted her more recent letter yet, but I probably will over the next day or two...Apparently I've got 3 letters from her in 2 weeks time (but one is still on the way, I should get it soon.)

    I love how much she wrote in one letter! She was obviously so happy to get your letters too :)

    1. She's in IN556. I absolutely love that she calls me Aunty, it makes me feel so loved and important because I know it's a name used for elders that are loved dearly.

      I am so happy to know that she is happy getting so many letters because I can't help but write her often!