Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday Gifts!

I am so excited this month because I get to send birthday gifts to two of my sponsored children who have birthdays in July. I always send gifts 2-3 months in advance, just in case. I think my kiddo in Albania will end up getting his gift early, but that's okay. My girl in India may end up getting hers late, but you know, better late than never.

Florenc will turn 13 on July 6th. I'm super excited to be sending him gifts. I just started sponsoring him last month and I haven't gotten any letters from him yet, but he's going to know how much he is cared for, I'm determined. I've never shopped for a 13 year old before and I had to ask a few people who I know have preteens what size their kids were. I think we have it figured out. I just hope he's not larger/smaller than average.

I got Florenc two shirts, which I love by the way! They were both on the clearance rack and I spent less than $10 for the two shirts. I also got him a soccer ball, which looks very small in this picture, it's a size 4 though, so it's not tiny. I also included a mini air pump with the ball, especially since I had to send the ball flattened to fit in the envelope.

I did actually get everything in a 10.5"x15" envelope. I have to admit that I was amazed! And the thing shut...with a little tape.

My beautiful Meena will turn 17 on July 16th. She is an absolutely wonderful young woman. I am so grateful to know her. She has such big dreams and is just so loving and happy.

Because I sponsor her through Compassion International, I can't send things like I can with World Vision, but that just gives me more excuse to be creative! Meena wants to be an archeologist when she grows up, so I decided to encourage her. I found a book that talks about the discovery of the dead sea scrolls and how amazing that was both for the world of archeology and for the world of Christianity. Granted, the book doesn't look so pretty anymore now that I tore out the staples and the front and back cover, but still, the information is there and the story is very interesting.

Other than the book, I also have some teddy bear stickers that are scented like honey! Awesome! And a birthday card, which I may or may not end up sending. I think I'm feeling like writing a letter instead.

I love sending things to my sponsored children!


  1. That's so cool that World Vision lets you send more than paper products in the mail! All these things look great!

    1. It's definitely a big positive for me sponsoring through World Vision. I love being able to send things like this. World Vision doesn't cover the cost of shipping overseas though, like Compassion, which is why only paper products are allowed. World Vision sponsors send everything directly to the office in the country. It's cost me about $15 to send this pacakage. Totally worth it though.

  2. I wish to receive these gifts...I am glad you share it.