Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Round of Letters Out, One Letter In

I recently sent out letters to my sponsored children. I told my kids about one of my family's favorite activity, Baking Cookies! I took pictures of the process and sent those along too. I had a lot of fun with these letters!

I also got a very lovely letter from my lovely boy, Xhuliano. His letters are always so full of love and this one was no different.

Dear my friend Kayla,

I was very happy when I received your letter, the card, the pencil, and the stickers. We also celebrate Valentine's Day here in Albania. We give red flowers and we buy something that will remind of that day. Even me, my friend. 

I am very happy since the day I met a wonderful friend like you and I love you will my whole heart.  I think everyday for your family and for your health, like you think of me. I hope you to have a good time and to be every day happy in your life. I can't wait to know you better, my friend.

I love the crossword puzzle that you sent and I completed it and I thought about you that day. Thank you so much. Here we celebrate Teacher's Day, that is on March 7th. Hapyy March 7th, my friend! If you were here I would give flowers to you. 

With Love,

Every word from this boy goes straight to my heart. 


  1. Oh my goodness he is the sweetest little kid ever!

    1. I agree! He seems way more mature than just 11 years old. I am happy that he's so mushy because I certainly love him with my whole heart too.