Monday, April 30, 2012

Short, But Sweet Letter

I got another letter today from that sweet young Albanian boy, Xhuliano. It's not a long letter and it really doesn't say much, but it's so sweet and I love every part of it.

Dear Friend!

It's Xhuliano writing this letter. I was happy receiving your letter. Here, my friend, there is no snow, but it's a beautiful spring weather with flowers blooming.

For Easter we have a week off from school. Me and my cousins help my mother in the housework.

I also think that God created you, Kayla, and us all in order to do great good things. You are like a beautiful friend!

I wish you a happy Easter! I wish you were here in order to celebrate Easter together.

I would like to know more about you. I wish you to be in good health and a lot of happiness.

Lots of Love,

I think he likes the word beautiful. I also think we're friends! Haha. 

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  1. That is SUCH a precious letter! He sounds like a really sweet kid. <3