Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two Letters from Maria

Today I opened the mailbox and found two letters from my girl, Maria. Both letters were written on the same day. It'd been about four months since I last heard from her, so it looks like she may have missed a letter writing day and her project tutor made her write a letter to make up for the day she missed. That's good for me, of course, but she probably wasn't thrilled with having to write two letters instead of getting to play with her friends. :)

Maria is 11 years old and lives in Brazil. She wrote these letters on April 10th, 2015.


Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

I enjoyed very much your letter and I'm okay at school, with good grades. Thank you for asking. My trip to the zoo was very good and we could take many pictures with my cousins. I saw the very beautiful animals, such as monkeys, lions, a peacock, a snake, a blue parrot, and a turtle. I was very nice and I love going out with the project. Hugs and kisses from your sponsored child. 




Hello My Dear Sponsor, 

How have you been? I hope that you are doing well. I like to receive your letters, photos, and stickers. How is your family? How are your children, G and C? They are very pretty and I loved to see their smiles. G is eating cake and C is smiling. My family and I are doing well. I'm in 6th grade and there are about 48 students in my class. My dog turned 2 years old on February 25th. Love from your sponsored child.



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