Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My HO-416 Kid(s)!

Back in March, a group of Compassion advocates started working to find sponsors for 195 children from a brand new project in Honduras. This project is HO-416, which is Tu Reino Aqui, or Your Kingdom Here. Right away, I talked to my mom about this project and she agreed to sponsor sweet Nahomy, and let me be her correspondent:

Over this past week, that team of advocates traveled to HO-416 for a visit. It's been fun hearing their stories, as they shared them, and seeing all of the photos they posted. One of the advocates, Amanda, was able to find my Nahomy and she took these pictures: 

Both sassy and sweet. Just perfection. 

When these advocates first started sharing about these kids, there was a little boy that I fell in love with. His name is Jairo. I tried to talk my mom into sponsoring him, along with Nahomy, but it was a no go. Here's his official Compassion photo: 

Before they left on their trip, I messaged Jairo's advocate, Kim, and told her that I wanted to sponsor Jairo, but I wouldn't be able to make it official until August 1st, after getting my paycheck for VBS week. Kim told me that she would take some fun pictures of Jairo while she was there and man, did she deliver! They even played dress up! 

So, on August 1st, I will officially welcome this sweet boy to my family: (You can click on the photos to make them bigger)

 God's kingdom here. That's for sure.


  1. What precious kids!!! The extra photos are such a blessing. Kim is killing me with all these amazing photos!! Makes me wish we could take a few more kids... For now, I'll just enjoy your photos :)

    1. There are about five more kids that I would love to sponsor from this project! For now, I'll be happy with my 2 blessings. :)