Saturday, July 18, 2015

Step Into My World: East India Rural Plains

Let's take a step into India, today. More specifically, East India. More specifically, again, the Rural plains.

Compassion works in two different locations in the country of India, they are separated into projects that start with IN and projects that start with EI. You may have noticed that difference, if you have several kids in India, like I do.

I have two kiddos who live in the rural plains region of East India:

Chintada & Swapna

East India works in the Eastern states of Bihar, Jharkhan, West Bengal, and Orissa, as far I as know. They may also work in Chhatisgarh, but I'm not sure. 

In the rural plains regions of these states, life is almost primitive, by our standards. Home are made of natural materials, like sticks, bamboo, thatch, and mud. Homes usually do not have electricity, running water, or any other modern commodity like that. 

Without a modern kitchen, women work hard all day long to collect water for drinking, bathing, and cooking. Food preparation is almost always done over an open fire, so when women aren't collecting water, they are collecting firewood. Girls are often expected to quit school and follow in their mother's footsteps and collect water and firewood during the day. 

Due to the fact that women are constantly at work during the day, their children are left to their own devices in the village. These children are often poorly clothed, malnourished, and neglected, leaving them at risk of many diseases and illnesses. 

Thanks to Compassion, the children in East India's rural plains are being given a new chance at growing up healthy and happy. The Compassion project becomes a safe haven for children, where they know they will be well taken care of and free to play and enjoy just being a kid. 

Two of the biggest problems in the rural plains of East India are malnutrition and lack of education. Compassion makes sure that all of the children enrolled in their program are able to attend school. Compassion also supplements each child's education with tutoring and educational lessons at the project.

Compassion also provides each child with a nutritious meal every time they attend the project. 

Compassion in the rural plains of East India has the following prayer requests: 

- Pray that the children's fragile homes will withstand damage from the annual rains. 

- Pray that children will be protected from an annual malaria epidemic. 

- Pray that caregivers will be able to find steady work and not have to leave their villages in search of employment. 

I have one girl to share with you, today. She lives on the rural plains in East India and live lives very similar to what I shared with you today: 

This precious girl is Sunita. She attends the same project as my lovely Swapna. 

Sunita is 5 years old. Her birthday is January 27th, 2010. She makes her home with her parents and one sibling. She enjoys playing with dolls, playing house, and walking. She is in kindergarten with average performance. 

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