Monday, July 6, 2015

Letters to My Kids: May 2015

I'm a little behind on sharing about the letters that I'm writing to my kids. Each month, I write a letter to my kids, using Compassion's online writing system. In addition to this letter, each child also receives something handwritten, as well. It's either a response to a letter they write to me or a short handwritten note. In May, I actually sent two letters online. Here they are:

I sent my kids an update about the children that I nanny for. My sponsored kids are always asking about them and wanting to see new pictures of them. I'm happy to update them.

Next, I told my sponsored children about something special that I do with the children at my church. During the school year, in Sunday school classes, we talk about "God Sightings". Basically, this is a way for the children to pay attention to how God is working in their lives during the week. On Sundays, children can share their God Sightings with the group. For example: I saw a friend help another friend up after they fell or I prayed that my mom would get better and now she's not sick. Just simple things like that. 

I sent a letter explaining what God sightings are and told them about how I see many signs of God in beautiful nature. I asked my sponsored children to tell me about any God Sightings they might have. I'm looking forward to getting some responses. 


  1. I love the letter about God Sightings - I think I'll use that in an upcoming letter. If I post about it, I'll try to remember to credit you with the idea! : )

    1. Of course, feel free! I love sharing letter ideas between sponsors. I really hope we get some great responses back!