Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Xhuliano's Progress Report 2014

Xhuliano is 13 years old and lives in Albania. I loved the questions Albania chose to put in their reports this year. The answers really allowed the kids to show their personalities.

This Year I Go To: Secondary School Grade 7
My Favorite Subject Is: Mathematics
My Grades Are: Average
My Close Friend At School Is: Ani
There are 23 pupils in my class. 

My Health Condition Is: Satisfactory 

Dear Sponsor, I want to share a poem/song/tale/or other with you: 
I'd love to spend a week or two,
swimming down the Nile. 
Or sunbathe on a sandy beach,
just for a little while. 

The animal that represents me best is: Lion because the lion is a brave animal that escapes risk. 

Things or people that have inspired/motivated me during this year: Reading, sports, my family. 

What Happened in My Life This Year

I was very happy when (it was a checklist. He checked everything): 
- I received a photo from you
- I received a letter/gift from you
- You said "I love you"
- I see the changes in my family and community
- You encouraged my dreams
- I took part in different child friendly activities 

Benefits and Trainings/Activities Participation
- Summer Camp
- Children's Rights Activities
- Birthday Celebration


  1. What a great picture of him!! And I love all that the report shared! :)

  2. He is growing up so fast! I love, love, love that he still has that impish look on his face. He really counts his blessings. What a sweet boy. :)

    1. I love the impish look on his face too!

  3. Wow!!! He has GROWN!! So fantastic.

    Funny...I just got my Albanian progress report this afternoon. So exciting! :) I always seem to get that one first out of the three countries I sponsor in with WV.

    1. I'm glad that you got your first progress report! It's funny how things always seem to come in the same order. I always seems to get things from Xhuliano and Domenik at the same time and then Florenc and Abu's things come later.

    2. Albania is usually always right on schedule. Summer is slow for my girl since she goes to Greece in the summer to be with her Dad, but other than that, Albania is like a well-oiled sponsorship machine, hahaha. That being said, my Colombian girl's progress report came in April, so they obviously do theirs much earlier!