Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sponsors Needed in Projects I Sponsor In #1

I keep saying I want to make this a weekly thing and then I keep getting distracted. I have to remind myself that I created my blog in the hopes of sharing more about child sponsorship and for finding sponsors for more children. What better way than to share about children that are waiting for a sponsor?

I titled this post #1, because I am hoping that will help me truly make this a weekly thing, as long as there are children waiting in projects that I sponsor in on the website that week.

This week, there are 7 children for me to share. Maybe one of these kids will grab your heart and you'll feel lead to sponsor them. If that does happen, I would love to hear about it!

Kenia has been sponsored!

Charan and Bala have both been sponsored! 

Eknath has been sponsored! 

Meet Ravidas. He attends IN-905, which is the project that my Kalpesh attends. This is another project for great letters!

Ravidas is 12 years old. His birthday is June 22nd. He enjoys art, reading, and playing ball games. He attends activities at church regularly. 

This precious boy is Mohit. He attends project IN-967 where my Khushi attends. He lives in a community that is located in the Himalayan Mountains, where the weather can get very cold. 

Mohit is 9 years old. His birthday is May 9th. He lives with a single father and one sibling. He has been waiting over 250 days for a sponsor. 

Belen from NI-221 has been sponsored!

That's all for this week. Check back Wednesday for more! 

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