Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gifts for Enoc and Debora

My friend Hilary will be going on an individual visit to Honduras to see her sponsored children. She offered to take gifts for people that sponsored in the same projects her children attend (it's easy to pass off gifts to project workers to take back to the project). For me, these projects are HO-133 and HO-372, which is where my new boy, Enoc, and my sweet Debora attend. I am extremely grateful whenever I am able to send a gift to one of my children. It's so fun choosing special gifts for them that I typically can't send them in the mail.

For some reason, I didn't think to take a picture of the items before I packed them up. I must have been too excited to get everything together. But, I did take a picture of the bags afterward:

For Deobra, I chose a small doll, a toy bottle, a pink squishy penguin that lights up, a toothbrush, and a comb. 

For Enoc I chose a box of markers, a notebook, some playdoh, a toothbrush, a yellow squishy sheep that lights up, a bracelet with a soccer ball charm on it, a small egg with toy dinosaurs inside of it, and little silver car. 

These gifts will be delivered next month. How fun! 


  1. What happened to your Brazilian girl, Daphyne? I've been away from your blog for a couple of months and I just noticed that she's gone. Did she move away?

    1. Kayla graciously transferred Dafyne's sponsorship to my parents, who were searching for a little girl from that project. Dafyne is the same age as two little girls that my husband and I sponsor from the same project and my mom really wanted a girl the same age from the same place! Kayla, my mom was so excited to show me the stickers she picked out to send Dafyne!!

  2. And what a blessing to send gifts to your kids!!! I'm impressed that you even remembered to take a photo... I've forgotten every time. I bet they'll love the gifts!!!

  3. Your kids are going to be so excited! How lucky to get to send them some surprises. :)