Friday, August 1, 2014

Domenik's Progress Report 2014

Domenik is 7 years old and lives in Albania.

This year I go to: Primary School Grade 1
My Favorite Subject Is: ABC
My Grades At School Are: Very Good
My Close Friend At School Is: Ervin
There Are 29 Pupils in My Class 

My Health Condition Is: Satisfactory 

Dear Sponsor, I want to share a poem/song/tale/other with you: ABC. I love you very much. You taught me to write and read. 

The animal that represents me best is: A lion because it's big and strong. 

Things or people that have inspired/motivated me during this year: Studying & My Family 

What Happened in My Life This Year

I was very happy when:
- I received a photo from you
- I received a letter/gift from you
- I took part in different child-friendly activities

Benefits and Trainings/Activities Participation
- Birthday Celebration

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