Monday, July 7, 2014

Community Updates 2013: Durres ADP

Today, I will share some of the accomplishments that the Durres ADP in Albania accomplished during the last full year. Durres is the name of the community that my little boy Domenik lives in.

Children were taught how to plant and take care of planets. This was to encouraging a more green, healthy environment. 

A youth group was created for teens and young adults. This gave the young adults opportunities to get together fun fun activities, sport competitions, and service project. 

Children were given dental check-ups and treatment, when it was needed. 

Schools is this community are far from child-friendly and do not have appropriate outlets for students. Student governments were formed in three schools. The children got together to plan activities and improve school grounds. 

Parents and guardians were given classes on proper and appropriate communication to use with spouses and children. This is to cut down on the fighting in the home, which often cause child abuse and domestic violence. 

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  1. I love these updates from world vision. What great photos!!! It's so neat what they're teaching the communities.