Friday, July 4, 2014

Community Updates 2013: Qendra ADP

Every year, World Vision updates the progress of the communities that your sponsored children live in. While Compassion International has CDCs (Child Development Centers), World Vision has ADPs (Area Development Projects). They are basically the same thing, a center where the children and families gather in do activities and learn new things.

This year, WV has updated our online accounts and will now be posting pictures of the community happenings. I loved looking at these photos and want to share them with everyone. I know that a lot of my readers sponsor with Compassion and don't get to hear as much about World Vision and the kinds of things that go on in the communities, so I know some of you will be interested in seeing these photos. I will post the photos and give a little description of what is going on in the photos.

The Qendra ADP is in the community that my boy Xhuliano lives. Xhuliano probably didn't participate in all of these activities, but it's great to see how World Vision is changing the community, as a whole.

Parents and guardians had small group decisions about successful parenting tactics.

Children did their part to clean up the trash in their community

During a summer camp, the children took breaks to write letters to their sponsors about their experiences at camp. 

Leaders in the community met to discuss how to bring clean water to more of the community. Due to their decisions, about 250 more families now have access to clean water. 

Children had discussions and came up with ideas of how to make schools a more friendly place

Children went out into the community and shared about the importance of education, especially for education for girls. Girls in Albania often do not attend high school so they can work in the home and prepare for marriage. 

Teenagers, especially young women, did presentations against child labor and encouraged parents to allow them to stay in school. 

Young adults were taught how to plant and grow trees, making the community more healthy and green. This also gave jobs skills to these young people. 

Children were taught the story of Easter and acted out the story using skits. 

Teens that are not enrolled in high school attended a life skills training class, where they discussed what interests and talents they have, and how that can be changed into job skills. 

All and all, I'd say that the Qendra ADP did a lot of productive things in 2013! 


  1. Those photos are so neat!!! I love what world vision is bringing to the community.

    1. Stay tuned into next week to see the other ADPs I sponsor in!

  2. very cool - thanks for sharing.