Monday, July 21, 2014

More World Vision Updates: 2013: Albania

This post may not be interesting to anybody except me, but I like to get these things in writing before the next update happens.

Here are more things accomplished by the ADPs that my Albanian boys attend. Domenik's project has only been open for a couple of years, which Xhuliano and Florenc's projects are in the final stage of World Vision's help. Unfortunately, child abuse is a very serious problem in much of Albania. One of WV's biggest goals for this country is meeting with parents to discuss why this problem is occurring and to involve the community in stopping this abuse.

- Increased economic opportunities by supporting local farmers with training and equipment, helped youth receive vocational training, and enabled vulnerable families to start income-generating activities. 

- Trained community members on ways to improve water sanitation and hygiene in their neighborhoods and educated children on proper handwashing practices, to try to prevent illness. 

- Established student governments, giving youth a voice in school decisions and equipping them to help make their school more child-friendly. 

- Trained educators on innovative teaching methods and how to help children with learning disabilities succeed in school. 

- Conducted awareness sessions with moms and dads, promoting positive parenting practices and encouraging them on the importance of education and ways to provide proper nutrition for their children. 

- Partnered with teachers, healthcare workers, and local authorities to educate the community on child protection and child rights. 

- Coaches parents, teachers, and school authorities to be more inclusive of vulnerable children and those with special needs. 

- Taught young people agricultural skills which will help them earn a living.

- Helped vulnerable families start income-generating activities and small businesses to better provide for their children. 

- Educated 91 Albanians on ways to improve sanitation and hygiene and 515 children on proper handwashing practices. 

- Trained 35 teachers on positive teaching to help children with learning difficulties succeed at school. 

- Helped reduce school dropout rates with teachers and parents to identify and respond to underlying issues. 

- Held summer camps and other activities for 720 children, which taught them essential life skills. 

- Helped organize 6 awareness raising initiatives, reaching 704 community members with information on child rights. 

- Conducted 17 training sessions for 272 participants to promote positive parenting practices. 

- Trained 217 people on how to report cases of abuse to local child protection services. 

- Children enjoyed birthday parties with fun sports, games, and entertainment. Each child received a photo album as a gift.  

- To improve dairy production and household income, 54 farmers were provided with new equipment. 

- Provided medical assistance, like eye exams, for 18 children with acute needs. 

- Trained 42 teachers and school directors on child-centered teaching methods, improving the learning environment for students. 

- Held 17 training sessions for parents, promoting positive parenting practices and educating them on the importance of school attendance and proper nutrition for their children. 

- Established and trained 2 student governments to organize initiatives on safe internet use. These students have also raised awareness on the importance of qualified teachers and children's rights among 3,597 community members. 

- Through youth groups, trained peer leaders to advocate for children's rights to an education. 

- Held 11 training sessions for 238 people to teach improved hygiene practices, child development, and safe internet use. 

- Worked with faith-based organizations, healthcare centers, teachers, and local authorities to be involved in a child protection safety network to help create a safer environment for children in the community. 

- 2,687 boys and girls enjoyed fun parties in honor or their birthdays. 11,000 winter hats and scarves were distributed to children at local schools. 


  1. Have you gotten any Albanian progress reports yet? I seem to always my gal's in July but haven't had anything yet. I'm DYING!!!! LOL

    1. No. I got mine in July last year, too, but I haven't seen anything this year yet. I hope they come soon!

  2. I enjoy hearing what's going on in your boys' communities!!