Sunday, July 6, 2014

Community Updates 2013: Labinot ADP

Continuing with my series of posts about the activities and improvements World Vision has done in communities, I will continue with the Labinot ADP. This is the community that my boy Florenc lives in. He probably participated in some of these activities. It's fun to think of him being involved in the betterment of his community.

World Vision taught several families how to raised animals and provided them with sheep, in order to make an income. 

The middle schools and high schools in the community were updated with new desks and supplies

A brand new kindergarten was created for the children, complete with developmentally appropriate toys and learning materials. 

Children attended classes in a local church to learn more about the bible.

A large Christmas party was thrown, complete with balloons and messy face paint. :)

2013 was a great year in the Labinot ADP!


  1. So great to hear what's going on in Albania!

  2. I'm enjoying these posts!! Thanks for sharing!!