Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Things Kids Say Tuesday

Oh you guys, kids are just so funny. Also, so fun to work with.

I spend my days pretending to fight fires, pretending to fight zombies, playing soccer, playing tag, digging holes (I have mostly boys in my class) and reading lots and lots of books. And I get paid to do this!

On top of this, my kiddos say funny things. I love to share them with others.

A: Oh no! I'm dying because a zombie got me!
Q: Oh no! A is dead you guys!
D: Hmm...I guess that means we get to eat his lunch.

Boys really do care more about food than anything else, don't they?

D: A's mommy has a baby in her tummy.
Ms. Kayla: Yes she does, you're right.
D: How did the baby get there?
Ms. Kayla: do you think the baby got in her tummy?
D: I think she ate a baby!
Ms. Kayla: Hahahahaha
A: No she didn't! My mommy doesn't eat babies!
D: Well, then how'd it get in there?
A: God and Jesus put it there!
D: Oh

How glorious are preschoolers?

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