Saturday, July 28, 2012

Progress Report from Florenc

One of the wonderful thing about sponsoring through World Vision is the fact that you get a yearly progress report. Each year (usually each summer) you get a new picture and wonderful new information about your child. Progress reports are usually sent out in June, so starting a couple weeks ago, I started to eagerly await these reports.

Today, I received a progress report from one of my Albanian boys, Florenc. He just turned 13 on July 6th, so this picture was taken when he was almost 13. He's looking quite handsome and laid back in this picture. I just love this boy...ahem...young man.

Very male model, no? Haha.

Florenc's original photo. I think he looks actually younger in his new photo. Crazy.

Here is the new information I received on him:

This year I go to: Primary school grade 7

My favorite subject is: Music

I am getting: Satisfactory Grades

I go to school every day by: Walking

My close friend's name at school is: Esli

My health condition is: Satisfactory

Some activities I took part in last year: Childrens Day & Playing Games

When I grow up, I would like to be a: Musician

In my free time I like to: Play Ball

My message to you: You are wonderful people!

I love seeing my kiddos grow up! He's looking like quite the teenager now! 


  1. It's crazy watching them grow from kids teenagers. (But so cool :)

    1. I've only sponsored Florenc since March of this year, so I haven't really seen him grow up too much. But, he did send a family photo to me that had to have been a few years old. He's grown so much since the photo he shared. What a handsome young man he is!