Monday, July 16, 2012

I Have An Interview (And Some Background Life Knowledge)

I have worked in the child care department of my church for the last nine years.

I started working there when I was 15 years old.

When I was 15, I was a mess. I was depressed, had a bad home life, self injuring, staying out past curfew with the wrong crowd, doing things that no 15 year old should do. It was a pretty hopeless situation. It's weird to say it, but at 15 years old, I was at rock bottom. Truly.

A friend from my school, a senior (I was a freshman), saw it to take me under her wing. We were in marching band together and from the time band started that school year, my friend was stuck to me. She put up with me doing crazy things, lying to her, hiding from her, and just being downright rude to her at times.

After about six months of knowing, she invited me to church. Well, maybe I wouldn't say she invited me so much, since I could have argued, but she would have taken me anyway, haha. She took me to church, to the nursery where she worked, and put me on the volunteer schedule.

From then on, I was hooked. I worked every Sunday. I loved those kids, the workers, the supervisors, how wonderful the church was, how people just seemed to accept me, even though I dressed in dark colors and was pretty much always sad. I ended up joining the choir and the youth group and made new friends, good ones this time.

I had worked in this church for nine years, The kids that started in the preschool program when I started working there are now entering middle school. I love that I've been a part of their lives and that I've known their families this whole time. It's such a blessing.

My boss, the one I've had for the past six years or so, is leaving, moving to another town with her husband. Her position will be opening in two weeks. I didn't think too much of it. I was sad to be losing a wonderful boss and was wondering who would take over the position. Then I had people from the congregation start approaching me asking if I was going to apply for the position.

Me? I hadn't even thought about it!

So I prayed about it. It seemed like the right thing to do. I sat down at 11:00 p.m and started updating my resume and references and writing that "perfect" cover letter. At midnight, I submitted it.

Long story (sorry!), short, I have interview 7:30.

I'm nervous. I can't decide if I'm more nervous to be interrogated interviewed by two people I feel I know so well and I'm afraid I'll say something to make them not like me or if I'm nervous that if I don't get this job, my current job will get extremely awkward, knowing that the people I work with/for don't really value me.

Maybe it's silly.

I will be praying a lot about this interview.

Will you pray for me too?


  1. I pray that the interview went well for you, Kayla! Let us know what happens!

    1. The interview hasn't happened yet! It's at 7:30 this evening. Soon!

    2. How did it go???

    3. I feel like it went well. I was very comfortable during the interview, which may or may not be a good thing, haha. I will find out soon!