Sunday, July 8, 2012

The First Step

Ever since I decided that this was not the time for me to go to Sierra Leone to visit Abu, I've been praying for open doors and clues to the next step for me.

Shortly after that...or before...time seems to get mixed up a little bit when dealing in prayer and God's timing and dreams and what not, I sponsored Celeste in Honduras, whom Amanda was able to visit for me. After seeing all of the pictures of Celeste that were brought back to me, my heart cried out for the next step...


I began, yet again, to pray. I certainly have the money, that won't be a problem, since I'd been saving for Africa, which would have been much more expensive. I was praying for open doors and guidance for what the next step would be.

After I found out that Amanda would want to go back to Honduras on the next trip that Compassion offered, I realized that I could potentially be going to Honduras with somebody I know. Then a few other women around my age stepped up and said that they would love to go too. Enough for us all to be roomies in the hotel (haha). Exciting!

This week, Amanda told me that next year's Honduras trip now has a date.

August 9th-13th, 2013. I could be in Honduras then.

Sign-ups open on November 28th.

I am beyond excited. I will continue to pray for guidance. Will you pray with me?


  1. Yay!! I hope you get to go! That would be amazing! You deserve it!

  2. I'm super excited for you, Kayla!!!How awesome that would be. You would have such an awesome time :). Praying that everything works out. I signed up for Ecuador, and I'm super excited too :D

    1. I'm super excited too! August 2013 feels like it's so far away, but I know it'll be here before I know it. I sure hope that I'm a plane to Honduras then!