Thursday, May 24, 2012

Touching Thursday: J Name Edition

Lately, I've been feeling connected to mainly children whose names start with the letter J. I'm not sure if there is any significant meaning behind that or not, but that's just the way it's been. Here are three beautiful children for this week...

Remember, if you sponsor one of the child from my blog, you should leave me a comment (Comments are open to absolutely everyone. You don't have to have a blogger to comment. I have zero privacy settings set) with your email address. I can then get your home address so I can send you some great stationary, stickers, and other fun things to send to your sponsored child. How great is that?!

6-15-12. Finally! After 192 days of waiting, John has found a sponsor. I really hope he has a sponsor that will write to him. John certainly deserves it, as does every child.

Jackline has been sponsored! I hope this little cutie with her bright shoes brings joy to somebody's life.

6-9-12 Jose has been sponsored! This young man is going to be so blessed!

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