Monday, May 14, 2012

See Your Impact: May 2012 (And an April Donation)

If you guys are new to my blog, I do something fun and amazing every month. I donate to a special cause on the first day of each month. I use this website called See Your Impact. On this website, you can choose from a variety of causes to donate to. You can choose by country, by age group, by theme, and even by amount of money you had available to donate. When you choose a cause, you donate your specific amount of money. You can choose to send a gift completely on your own or you can combine your donation with others to fulfill a bigger cause.

After about two weeks, you receive an email from the website, showing you a picture and giving you a story about the exact person that your donation helped. It's so cool!

This month, I chose to spend $20 to donate school uniforms to a child in India. Check out this little cutie that I helped send to school...

Dear Kayla,
Vaum Lavanya is six years old, studying grade one is the youngest child of Veerababu, who is a farm laborer from the village Thammavaram which is located in the outskirts of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India. Veerababu is a mason works inKakinadawhich is about 10 kilometers from his village. He earns about $4 per day, when he can find the work only. Because of his poor economic background his children need support for proper education and development. His another child is older than Lavanya and also studying Grade 3 in Sarada Vidyalayam, the school managed by Sankurathri Foundation.

Under such circumstances education is never a priority for them and if they send the child to work she can make some money to supplement the family income. In this manner many boys and girls in the rural areas are becoming child laborers and supporting their families.

Thus there are many children in the rural areas who are drop outs of education because of their parents' economic conditions. Sarada Vidyalayam is helping such children to complete their education without any financial burden to their parents. The school provides not only free education. The school maintains a very strict curriculum and provides quality education and imparts good discipline and values to groom them as good citizens. With your assistance we can provide a set of two uniforms to Lavanya.

Thank you Kayla to make a change in Lavanya's life.

I did not give a See Your Impact donation in April. Instead, I came across this blog with a wonderfully amazing 14 year old. She is trying to raise over 5 million dollars to send 1 million chickens to families in India. By donating just $11 you send a family a male and female chicken. The female chicken can lay eggs for both food and to birth more chickens. It gives each family food and a new buisness as they start to farm their growing chicken family. This girl has raised over $37,000 so far for chickens. That's just about 7000 chickens! She's 14!

If you would like donate some chickens for this great cause, you can go to this site and do just that. Because really, what else were you going to do with that $11? 


  1. Wow, she is a cutie! That is awesome that you get to see exactly who your donation impacted.

    1. I know! She's so cute. And yes, I absolutely love this website. As a child sponsor, I know exactly where my money is going and I get to see the impact. I know that organizations are still good even if I don't get to see exactly who I'm helping, but it's certainly fun to see.

  2. I knew that you donated to See Your Impact, but I didn't realize that you donated every month. That's awesome. They're a great organization :) And I'll be sure to click over and check out the girl with the chickens, too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yep! In December, God put it on my heart to send something each money. I usually spend between $10-$30, depending on how much I am able to give up that month.

      Definitely check out the chickens! I want to follow that girl's blog until she meets her goal!