Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Letter From Florenc!

As you can tell from the title, I received my very first letter from my 12 year old boy in Albania. He has the messiest handwriting, I feel sorry for the translator, haha. Typical 12 year old boy, I suppose. Here's his letter...

Dear Sponsor,

This is Florenc writing to you.

I live with my parents and my brother. We live in a house and there are three rooms in it. I am doing fine and I have a great relationship with my friends. I go to school everyday and I am in 7th grade.

My brother is younger than I am, and he is in 5th grade. He is doing well at school and my father is fine. My mom is sufferent from the kidneys.

We have different animals here, as well as plants. The climate here is a Mediterranean one. How are you my dear friend?

What kind of plants do you cultivate there in your country?

Thank you very much for choosing me!

Lots of love and respect from Florenc and his family!

I am so excited to start my relationship with this young man! He seems very curious and intelligent, going to school everyday. Way to go man!

I know that he waited a very long time, years, for a sponsor. Seeing him write "thank you for choosing me" breaks my heart a little bit because I can only imagine how hard it was to wait for a sponsor. I'm elated that God chose to bring us together!

I thank God for providing for Florenc. I honestly haven't noticed a difference in my bank account. The money to sponsor three kids just seems there when it's needed. It's amazing.

I love this adventure!

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  1. How exciting to hear from him! I am glad you were able to choose him :)