Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mail Call!

I received a wonderful letter from Xhuliano today!

This time though, it was a little different, haha. After sponsoring this lovely young guy for six months and I've received six letters from him.

The letter I got today was forwarded from the main office in Washington. As it turns out, it's the very first letter that Xhuliano ever sent me. I had never received it. Apparantly it's been lost in the paperwork shuffle for six months. Crazy! This letter is full of information that I didn't know about him and I am so happy to now know.

What a guy...

Dear Friend,

My name is Xhuliano, writing this letter. I'm in the 5th grade and my school is just 20 minutes away from my home. I'm good with my studies, but I have to work more with math, which I don't like it too much.

We started learning English when I was in 3rd grade and I want to learn it very good.

I have a great time with my friends, we play football. My favorite dishes are friend chicken with potatoes, kadaif (an Albanian dessert), and grape.

I live in a village near the Vlora City. I live with my parents, my father Shkelqim and my mother Engjellushe, with my two sisters in a little house with two rooms.

We have a few chickens and some sheep, my mom looks after them.

My father works in different works, either in farming and construction.

The climate here is very soft, but now that I'm writing outside is raining.

The health center and the hospital are very close. Our village is beautiful; the hills are planted with olive trees and vineyards.

How is the weather there? Do you have any pets?

God Bless You!


What a sweet letter! This young man definitely has my heart. I also loved friend chicken and grapes. I want to look up that dessert and try my hand at making it. I think it'd be fun to take pictures of my efforts and send them to Xhuliano.

Reading about his house hit me strongly. I know that the families of sponsored children live in very small homes and the fact that Xhuliano even has two rooms is better than average. However, just thinking of the five of his family members living in such a small space hurts my heart a little bit. I hope that I get to see his home someday!

I looked up pictures of rural Albania and I can picture Xhuliano living someplace like this...

And the olive trees probably look something like this...

I hope I get to see this all in person someday.


  1. That is a very informative letter. Glad you received, even if it was later than expected :)

    1. I'm glad I got it too. I like learning about his favorite things. I'm totally making this dessert, even though one of the main ingredients is shredded wheat, which isn't one of my favorite things. We'll see how it tastes!