Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kalpesh's New Info

Today is a bittersweet day, guys.

I'm excited because Kalpesh's information was udpated today. I'm very sad because their isn't really good news on it. The poor boy's family life has been shaken up! It appears that sometime in the last two years, his father has died and his mother could no longer support them on her own. Kalpesh now lives with his aunt and uncle. I hope he is at least still with his siblings.

Kalpesh also only went up one grade in school in the last two years. I can only assume it's because his home life has been quite rocky. I hope that he is doing well now.

However, I'm feeling awful because I sent him a Father's Day letter. I wrote two different kinds of letters. Two of my sponsored children don't have fathers in their lives, so they got letters talking about how God is their father and how he loves them very much. I also talked to them about how another male figure in their lives can play a father figure for them, a person for them to go when they need advice or help. However, Kalpesh got a letter asking what kinds of things he likes do with his father, what kinds of things his father likes, and I sent him a card to give to his father.

I'm heartbroken. I hope Kalpesh doesn't hate me when he gets this letter in June.'s his new information:

Name: Kalpesh
Age: 10
Grade in School: 4th
School Performance: Average
Family Duties: Running Errands & Cleaning
Hobbies & Sports: Group Games, Playing House, Walking, Hide-and-Seek, Running, Reading.
Guardians: Aunt & Uncle
Natural Parents: Mother is alive and supporting Kalpesh. Father is now deceased.

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