Monday, March 12, 2012

Three Letters!

Also this weekend, I received three letters from my lovely Abu-Bakarr in Sierra Leone. Three letters! I wish these letters were dated, I would love to know when they're from.

Letter #1

Dear Kayla,

Abu received the letter and the toy paddle ball game you sent him. He says that he has never seen a game like this before and he can't part with it. This game has brought more friends to Abu than before.

In school, Abu's teachers teach their class subjects like math, English, bible stories, poems, song, history, etc, like any primary school.

Any letter you write to Abu is put in a special place by his grandmother (a bag) and it hangs on the wall so nobody touches them.

Very soon, Abu and his friends will be going for practice for their sports day at the end of the term. Last year, their house entered house sports for two days in the last week of April.

Abu and grandparents wish you good luck in all of your undertakings.

Letter #2

Dear Kayla,

With much eagerness and appreciation Abu and parents say thank you for the wonderful gifts and letter you sent to change Abu's life in a better way. Any time they pray they remember you in their prayers.

Because of God's love for man, he has brought two families together in spirit though they are far away from each other. May God bless you all.

Again, the blanket you sent to Abu with lovely colors has given thoughts to some parents to register their children in the World Vision program (wow, I'm speechless) or look for other organizations. Even now, the temperatures get cold at night. "What a wonderful sponsor Abu has" says his grandmother.

Kadiatu (my friend Debbie's sponsored child. I asked him if he knew her) lives two kilometers from where Abu is and sometimes World Vision brings them together to play games.

Once more, Abu says many thanks to you and your family.

Letter #3

Dear Kayla,

It is with pleasure that Abu received your letter and the gifts in the parcel. He appreciates your kindness and prays everyday that God blesses you and your family.

In the parcel were two pairs of socks, stickers, and a letter that made him more and more happy. He says that you keep reminding him of himself everytime he sees the picture copy from his annual report.

The picture of you, your dad, and your sister are put on a small picture mat and are hanging by the table where his grandmother sleeps (Aww!). The other picture of you and your friend Sarah is so lovely that it is always with Abu and he shows it off to his friends at school (AWWWWW!). He is proud of you always. The picture of your classroom looks nice with many toys.

Abu is back at school like the other children and is working hard in school.

His favorite food is rice.


  1. All these letters are so great! And wow you've had a lot in such a short period of time!!! Right now I have one on the way (My second from Kajal) and I can't wait to know what it says. I hope it comes this week!)

    1. I hope you get your letter this week too! Letters are always such a blessing.

  2. Woooo! A letter from Abu-Bakarr! Praise the Lord!

    1. Not just one! Three! That sure makes up for not hearing from him since October!

  3. Wow! You've been receiving lots of mail lately. The internet is great, but snail mail is so much better -- especially when you know who its from!!


    1. Snail mail is my absolute favorite too! Aside from my sponsored children, I also have several penpals. There really is nothing better to me than receiving a handwritten letter on beautiful paper. Loving words is definitely part of my love language.