Tuesday, March 6, 2012

See Your Impact Results: March 2012

This month, I decided to send another mosquito net. I know how important these are in helping decrease malaria rates in places throughout the world. This time, I chose to send one to Uganda.

Kakaire and His Grandchildren Send a Big Thanks!

Dear Kayla,

Kakaire Ausi is a 62 year old grandfather of 6 children from the Butongole Village of Uganda, where UVP has been working for the past three years. Kakaire is a retired teacher who took on farming later in life.
When asked why he bought a net, he says, "I have bought a net because this area has very many mosquitoes. My grandchildren have told me about malaria and I want to prevent myself from getting it. I am very grateful to UVP for providing me with a subsidized net. Thank you."

Kakaire asked us to pass on a big 'thank you' to you Kayla!

Then, the next day, I was browsing the See Your Impact website. I came across something that I just could pass up, the preschool teacher part of me just couldn't say no. I could give a preschooler in Colombia a new backpack full of notebooks, pencils, watercolors, brushes, crayons, and a toothbrush. I just had to do it!

Carolina received a new back to school kit! (how beautiful is she?)

Dear Kayla,

Carolina was born on November 4, 2008. She lives in La Cruz, MedellĂ­n in Colombia with her mother that is an independent worker. She earns $75USD per month. Carolina loves to play with her dolls and working with clay.

Thank you for your donation, Kayla! You are helping Camila to build her dreams!

Seriously, I just love this website. I spent only $25 this month and I changed the lives of two people. Amazing.

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