Monday, March 12, 2012

Albanian Mail Call!

Today I received two letters from the lovely Xhuliano. I can't believe I've gotten six letters over the last four days. I just can't believe it. Both of his letters were sent on February 28th. Super fast mail! Here are the two letters he wrote:

Letter #1

Dear Kayla ,

I am happy for receiving your letter, not just me but my sisters Stelina and Marcela who is two years old. In Albania, we have a tradition on the first of January if somebody comes in our house on the first, this means that the year that means that they year will be great. I took your letter that day. We gather with our relatives and celebrate together. We cook delicious food, desserts, fruit. When the time is 12 at midnight we put fireworks in our hands and it's very nice. I believe in God too. I prayed for my sister Marcela not to get sick anymore and it came true. Also, I prayed to be healthy and do well at school for the year. Since we became friends I pray for you too and your dreams come true. I think about you and your health. Here it's cold and raining, snowy too, but it melts with the sun that wakes me up in the morning. I do all my homework because my teacher, like you, says that it is important. Thank you once more and I'll pray for you too.

Hugs from Xhuliano (Hugs!)

I am overwhelmingly touched that he received my letter on January 1st and that he sees that as a good luck charm for him and his family throughout the year. I have so much love for this kiddo.

I love that he believes in God and he already understands the power of prayer at such a young age. What a wonderful boy I have here.

The teacher in me has to encourage him to do his homework. It just wouldn't be right if I didn't. He doesn't sound all that thrilled about it, haha.

Letter #2

Dear Kayla,

You are a wonderful friend of mine. We are happy for the gifts you sent us. Not just me, but my family too, especially Marcela. I hope you are fine and I am happy having the opportunity to have a friend like you. I count the days and look forward to write you soon. It's very cold these days. It rains and snows. How about you? Are you passing nice these cold winter days? I cover myself with the blanket you sent and I feel the warmness as in the moment I get letters from you. We celebrate the Independence Day in our class by keeping flags in the hand, etc. God bless you and thank you for everything.


I know how wonderful it is to get letters from Xhuliano. If he's feeling even half of the warmth that I feel when I get a letter from him, that blanket is doing great things! Haha.

I. Love. Sponsoring. Children


  1. Oh myyyy! Can he be any sweeter?!? Wouldn't you just love to jump on a plane and meet him and his sisters?! What a precious gift!!


    1. I think that this ADP closes down in 2015. I would love to be able to do just that, hop on a plane and visit them, before that date.

  2. Oh, my heart, what a sweet boy! You must be so proud of him, and how proud his family must be of him too! He reminds me so much of our Compassion child, Caleb, from Ecuador.

    He beautifully shares his heart with you, I can see why you'd love to meet him before his center closes -- and I believe you should take that opportunity. Life is but a vapor... pray, believe, follow Him there!

    1. I am certainly proud of him! I will definitely be trying to visit him before then. However, my goal right now is to get to the Philippines on a mission trip this summer.