Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Glance into Florenc's World

I got Florenc's packet in the mail today. These packets don't really have too much information about your sponsored children, but anything is better than nothing before that first letter.

Name: Florenc
Age: 12
Birthday: July 6th, 1999
Guardians: Mother and Father
Siblings: 1 Brother
Grade in School: 7th Grade
Favorite Subject: National Language/Albanian
Favorite Activity: Soccer
Job at Home: Doing Housework

Recent Accomplishments in his Community:

- Educated mothers in children's nutritional requirements and meal planning, enabling them to better care for their children.

- Held a memorial for victims of HIV and AIDS to raise awareness of the disease and raise stigma.

- Strengthed the quality of education by training teachers in child-centered, inclusive approaches

- Trained teachers in positive discipline  techniques, improving their ability to handle challenging situations in the classroom.

- Helped children plan and organize educational activities and outings.

- Advocated for the children's rights to an education regardless of gender, ability, or social status. 


  1. Oh Florenc's birthday is the day before mine :)

  2. Soon you will be getting letters from Florenc too!