Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Letters of 2012

Last night, I spent my New Year's Eve writing my five children emails.

I introduced them all to the concept of making resolutions for the new year. I explained to them that the word resolution means a goal that you want yourself to accomplish in the coming year. I told them about how it is becoming popular (at least in my circle of friends in the blogging world) to choose just one word that represents what you want to accomplish.

I told them about how I am going to work on being more patient when it comes to how God works in my life. I asked them to pray for me when it comes to patience.

I encouraged each of them to choose their own word of something that they want to work on. I asked them to tell me about what word they chose so I can pray for them and their goal.

I can't wait to get letters in response to these emails!


  1. I want to write a very similar letter and almost started them yesterday, but decided to wait as I think these will be more templated letters, and will adapt them more for my younger and older kids. And since I was finishing up reply letters yesterday, I didn't want to get a jump on myself. I'm excite to hear your kids replies!

  2. I Love this idea! I'm setting off right now to write my 3 kids about my word (courageous). Thanks for sharing!