Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please Sponsor Panyin Oko!

I am always looking at the Compassion website at the children waiting for sponsors. I usually choose children that have captured my heart and I post them on my blog each Thursday to find them a sponsor.

This week, I just cannot wait. I went on the website today and was shocked at what I saw.

There is a little 4 year old boy in Ghana named Panyin and/or Oko. He is a beautiful brown skinned boy.

He has bright orange hair.

In people with dark skin, the hair starts to get an orange tinge if they are malnurished. In Oko's case, all of his hair is completely orange. That means that right now he is so malnurished that his body can't even keep his hair it's natural color. Without a sponsor to help him, he probably won't live many more years at this rate.

Please find it in your heart to sponsor this little boy. I just want to see him get some food in his stomach.

Panyin Oko has found a sponsor! If fact, he had three people "fighting" for him. God is so good! That's four children I've listed on my blog that have found sponsors in the last week!


  1. Oh, he is precious! Any word on if he has a sponsor yet? We're not in the position to do so now, but I always love hearing when these precious children receive their sponsorships.


    1. He has found a sponsor! I had three people talk to me about him. One of the women stepped up quickly before the other two could click on the link. Praise God!