Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I realized today it is already the 2nd day of January. I should have sent Valentine's Day letters to my sponsored child before Christmas, but I just didn't think about it. They will definitely get to my kiddos after Valentine's Day but they will still mean just as much.

My World Vision kiddos, Abu and Xhuliano will get this packet of things. A card that has a fun puzzle on the front (these took me FOREVER to put together) on the front and a message on the inside that says "You complete my heart. Happy Valentine's Day". I thought these were super cute. They will also get heart stickers and a pencil with hearts on it. Abu will also get the Love Letter From God. I couldn't find it in his language, so I'm hoping if I send it in English, somebody will be able to translate it for him.

My Compassion kiddos will receive this packet of things. Along with a letter they will receive a Valentine's Day card from me to them, a sheet of heart stickers, and a card that they can write and give to one of their friends with a Valentine's Day message in it. I'm also giving each of them the Love Letter From God. Meena and Kalpesh will get one in Tamil and Eric will get one in English.

I am so excited for them to get the Love Letter from God. I think everyone is going to love them. I wish I could send one to Xhuliano, but with him living in a sensitive area, that just can't be done. Maybe as our relationship gets better, I can find out if he is a Muslim or a Christian and then I can send him the letter. I just wouldn't want to ruin anything with our sponsorship.

Now I am off to write five letters to five wonderful children. I hope I can express how much I love them and how much they are loved by God in these letters. I want to have these things mailed off tomorrow so they have a good chance of at least getting there around Valentine's Day.

What are you sending your sponsored children for Valentine's Day?


  1. Those puzzle heart cards are so cute! I love them! What a great idea for Valentine's Day - I think this is something I could modify for my Awana kids to use. Thanks for sharing!

  2. @Emily I thought they were so cute too! I found them on discount on Oriental Trading's website. You could probably still order them. They came in a pack of six. I wish I was able to send them my Compassion kids. But, they wouldn't qualify as a document.