Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mail Call!

This weekend, I received my very first letter from my correspondence child Eric. He's 16 and he's from Uganda. I love learning new things about my kiddos in their intro letters.

Family Members: Lydia is his mother and Moses is his 6 year old brother.

Best Friend: Martin

Favorite School Subject: English

Favorite Food: Irish Potatoes

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Game: Football (Soccer)

Favorite Bible Story: The parable of the ten virgins

Favorite Song: Praise be to God

If he could visit anywhere in the world he would come to America to "see what is there".

I got two messages, one written by Eric and one from a volunteer. Even though Eric is 16, he is only in Grade 4.

Eric's message was a mess of sentences with words that were simply mixed up letters and every once in a while I would recognize a word. The words I understood were: "School, You, My, Hen, Dog, Water, Name." My theory is that he was wanting to show me that he is learning English. I am going to encourage him to keep working!


Dear Kayla ,

Greetings from your sponsored son Eric in the name of our Lord and commander Jesus. He says his family to send their greetings. Eric and his family are grateful to God for having you to choose him as your sponsored child, he says. Eric says he is currently in primary school four and he was 47th out of 94 in his class. He says he wishes you a happy new year. God bless you.

All from your friend,

What a sweetheart. I'm going to write him a response letter right now. I can't wait to get to know this young man.


  1. First letters ARE great! Lol about his message part :) Is the other words you didn't know English too? If so, maybe you could scan it and see if anyone else can figure out the other ones :)

    My Esperance in Rwanda has a 15 year old sister named Juliette who is also in Grade 4.

    1. I honestly am not sure if it's English or not. I'm don't know what his language looks like. I know he's using all English letters, but the combination of them doesn't look like English. I will post his letter later today.