Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Letters

I know a lot of people don't like generic letters for their sponsored children. I, though, love picking and going along with themes. Especially since I only know information about one of my sponsored children, as the other four are new sponsorships. I think letters like this mean just as much as any other letter, especially better than me sending a letter that says the same thing every month. 

I do speak differently to each of my children and I throw in things that apply only to them to personalize each letter in some way. 

This time, I did a snow/snowflake themed letter. Here is what each set looked like. Each child received this. 

Each child got a letter from me. In the letter I talked about the snow that we've gotten and how much we have. I talked mostly about snowflakes. I told them about how each snowflake is different and unique than all of the other snowflakes. I talked about how God created each snowflake different, just like people. I told each child that they are unique to God and they each have a plan from God that only they can carry out. 

Each child also got three pictures of the snow we got a few weeks ago, snowflake stickers, a snowflake maze, and a card that I made that says "You are unique like a beautiful snowflake" on the inside. 

I hope all of the kids enjoy getting these cards in the mail. (Once I actually go to the post office and mail them)


  1. I write a basic letter each month to my kids...then I go through the letters I've received and make sure I answer any questions or address any personal issues for that child.

    With 18 children to write to, this is the only way I can keep up!

    1. I plan to answer each letter I receive with a letter only for them. Now...I just need to start receiving letters.