Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lesson Learned the Hard Way

In August, I moved out on my own. I jumped onto the bandwagon of finding the typical services: cable, internet, electricity, you know the deal.

Well, for internet, I found this cool thing called an internet hotspot. Basically, it allows me to get internet anywhere in the country by finding a wireless signal. It's pretty cool. And for $35 a month, who can turn that down?

I forgot to read the fine print. It is $35 a month, as long as you stay below the excepted amount of use. I have not been able to do that even one month since then. My typical bill a month as been around $100. RIDICULOUS.

This month, I started paying off my college loans and I realized that I can no longer afford to pay that super high bill every month. Today, I decided to get internet from Comcast, the same people my cable comes from. It will be significantly cheaper each month, and the internet will be unlimited.

However, for my hotspot, I had to break contract and pay a fee to do so. Turns out though, the cost of breaking the contract is about the same as I would pay for a month or two of using their internet. So, it's going to be expensive this month, but afterwards, I will begin to spend a lot less money a month. Amazing.

I have now learned to read the fine print.

Lesson Learned. The Hard Way.

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  1. I learned a lesson like that too recently. It stinks! Definitely will be reading fine print next time ;)