Tuesday, January 10, 2012

See Your Impact: January 2012

For my See Your Impact donation this month, I chose to spend my money to donate a book to a library in Guatamala. Through my donation, the lovely Amanda was able to go to her new library and get a book to read.

Dear Kayla,
Amanda lives in a small village that has recently opened a small community library.  She loves to read, and this book you sent, Miren quienes están leyendo, is very precious to her since it teaches how to love and respect parents.  Thank you so much, Kayla, for enriching this library in rural Guatemala.

When I see these emails and the beautiful picture that comes along with them, I don't miss the money I spent at all.

If you would like to choose a cause and see proof of where your gift is going, go to their website at See Your Impact  and choose a gift of your own. 

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  1. Kayla, thank you for linking your readers to this website! It's fantastic! I've marked it so that I remember to use it too.