Thursday, January 12, 2012

Touching Thursday

I'm switching up my themes a little bit. I used to post World Vision children on Tuesdays in the hopes of finding them sponsors. As much as I enjoyed doing that, I stopped because there was no sure way of finding out whether or not they had actually found sponsors or if they had just been taken off the website temporarily for some reason.

For that, I am changing to posting Compassion Kids that God leads me to. I will be able to see if they are sponsored by clicking on the links I post. If it doesn't go to that child's page, that means they were sponsored.

This week, God lead me to three children that I would love to find sponsors for. Here they are...

Constance is an adorable 6 year old girl from Ghana. She especially needs a loving sponsor because she is visually impaired. I always love to hear children with special needs finding a loving sponsor so they can get the medical help they need. Click here to sponsor her.

After being assigned two correspondence children from India, I have fallen in love with the country. And from talking to someone from Compassion, India has the highest number of children needing sponsors, more than any other country. Handsome Kavin is a 7 year old boy. If you want to sponsor Kavin, please click here.

Last but not least is Vijayakumar. Vija is 18 years old. He has most likely had at least one sponsor before in his life. His information says that he lives part of the year in his child development center away from his mother and siblings. Is there somebody out there with a heart for older boys? If so, click here to sponsor Vija.

As time goes on, I will keep you posted on the progress of these three children. 


  1. They are are cute! Constance is just a darling! And look at her poor belly :(

    1. I know. Her poor big belly. Also, she looks very small for her age to me. It may just be the camera angle, but for 6, she looks tinier than some of my preschoolers.