Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Touching Tuesday

I've decided to start a new thing, which I'm going to call Touching Tuesday.

Here's what that means. Basically, I can't keep myself away from looking at the pictures of kids that need sponsors on the World Vision website. I fall in love with children every week. There is always a child that touches my heart. I've decided that instead of me just falling in love with these children and then leaving the website, I will choose a child every Tuesday and put them on my blog, in hopes that I will find a sponsor for them.

The child this week is...

Name: Kabiru
Age: 6
Location: Ghana
Birthdate: March 14th, 2005

Here's the thing about this kiddo, I have absolutely fallen in love with him. I'm selfishly to the point that I don't want anybody else to sponsor him, I want him for my own. I can't get past the beauty of his smile and God that I see in his eyes.

But, here's another thing. I have college loan payments beginning in January, I'm paying off a bass clarinet, I'm paying off a car, blah blah blah, money money money. The real reason is that my mom is worried about me having enough money. She made me promise her that I would not sponsor another child until after my first loan payment in January, that way I can truly see how my budget is going to work out.

I felt like it was a legitmate promise.

So, as much as I wish this child would not get a sponsor until I can sponsor him, I can't be that selfish. I want him to find a loving sponsor as soon as possible so he can feel as much love in his life as I currently feel in my heart for him. 

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