Monday, November 14, 2011

Mail Call Monday!

This is my first official Mail Call Monday. I am beyond excited to be writing one of these, and I hope that I get to write one every Monday from now on.

Just today, I got my very first letter from my correspondence child, Meena from India. It was the intro letter, but it means just means so much to me.

Name: Meena
Mother's Name: Jamuna
Father's Name: Ramakrishna
Brother's Name: Prasanth
Favorite Color: Red (we have the same favorite color!)
Favorite Game: Chess
Favorite Food: Chicken Biryani
Best Friend: Sharmila Devi
My House is Made Of : Bricks

Respected Kayla,

Loving greetings to you from your loving Meena. I am much pleased to meet you through this letter. Firstly, I extend my heartiest thanks for selecting me to sponsor. Now I am studying in 11th grade. My date of birth is 7-16-95. I desire to be an archeoloigst (!!!). Though I belong to Hindu religion, I learnt the love of Christ after I enrolled in Compassion. Since my father earns meager income, I was enrolled in Compassion. My younger brother is in 8th grade. Pray for our studies. We desire to know more about you, how to address you, etc. Please do reply once again. We all convey our heartiest thanks for selecting me to sponsor.

Yours Lovingly,

I feel like my heart is going to explode today. I am just so happy.

This truly is the best part about child sponsorship.

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  1. Aw, she is so beautiful! What a nice letter! Thank you for joining the Mail Call!